Who We Are

The unit was formed on November 12, 1962 and originally designated the Higbee Battalion. This had nothing to do with the Seabees but rather it took the name of the USS Higbee, DD 806. The USS Higbee was the first American warship named in honor of a woman. Mrs. Lenah S. Higbee was superintendent of the Navy Nursing Corps during the First World War. She was awarded the Navy's highest decoration, the Navy Cross for "distinguished service in the line of her profession and conspicuous devotion to duty". A Gearing-class destroyer, the Higbee was commissioned January 27, 1945 and entered the shipyards in Boston to be converted to a radar picket ship. After 33 years of service, the USS Higbee was decommissioned in 1979 at Pier 91 Seattle, Washington and was sunk as a target ship in the Pacific April 24, 1986.

In 1978, supporting the Norco Division of NAVSEA, the unit changed its name to Paul Revere Division. The USS PAUL REVERE, LPA 179 was commissioned in 1944 and served in the Atlantic Fleet during WWII. She was built solely to transport troops from the United States to Europe and was finally decommissioned and scrapped in 1952. A ship's plaque from the vessel can be seen in the CO's office.

As far as our research, we have determined that Paul Revere Division has had a total of 9 skippers since it's beginning. LCDR Hollie Brown is the present skipper. Over 800 cadets and officers have served in the unit since it's beginning. Some of our cadets have gone to Annapolis Naval Academy (graduates in '06 and '07), Virginia Military Institute, and other colleges. Some have gone on to military careers and the rest have joined the civilian work force.

A variety of summer trainings are offered for Sea Cadets. An example is Search & Rescue, first held the beginning of July 2005 at Camp San Luis Obispo. We sent CPO Paul Petersen (now an active Navy Sea bee), E-3 Nick Hart (now in college), and ENS Lindsey Brown (now LT and Admin Officer). They helped the sheriff's department patrol Pismo Beach on the 4th of July and were directly involved in a real Search & Rescue mission later in the week. They had just completed and passed testing for SAR certification as well as CPR/First Aid. An 84 yr old Alzheimer's man was missing and they were the extra manpower needed to find him. He had fallen down a 300 ft. embankment and was caught in some barbed wire under a tree. Those involved with finding him were walking on air with excitement. Since then, this training has continued to be offered each summer. A newscast video of the rescue is available for viewing in the Paul Revere Division office.

Other trainings our cadets have participated in include: Basic Airman at Lemoore NAS, Advanced Airman in Texas, SeaBees at Port Hueneme, Field Training at Camp Roberts, Naval Intelligence at 32nd Street Naval Base (one of our cadets was chosen to perform the color guard at Petco Stadium for the Padres game), Physical Fitness at Port Hueneme, FAA Ground School on the USS Midway, First Responder and EMT Training, Seal Training in Florida and Virginia, Honor Guard at Camp SLO, Homeland Security in Arkansas, and Sailing in Fiddler's Cove at Coronado Naval Base. These are only a few of the trainings available to US Naval Sea Cadets who have completed basic Recruit Training. You can view other available trainings on the "Compass" website found in "Links"

For more information, we invite you to explore the rest of this website, and the official home page of the Sea Cadets. In addition, please do not hesitate to contact the Paul Revere Division to schedule a visit.

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